Ultra-New Materiality Or Hommage to Restanie

In modern word the dualism between the image and the representation is no longer exists, since the 90-s. But with such a democratic mind-games the art-scene is returned to the extreme point of the beginning of modernism. Now there is a great problem of art-escape, such as in the times of neo-dada. That is why the artist stands before the problem of the essence of art as the creation of image. The process of creation nowadays is closely connected with the great technological innovations, as in the middle of the XXth century (Utraviolet of Klein by Pierre Restanie). So, connected with the science, media, and internet-technologies, the artists began to produce extremely new, original images again, as since the Renaissance. So, this exhibition concept is dedicated to the problem of research the new artists way of thinking and the potential of new-modernism as in the theory and in practice. Further there is short information about the artists Id like to exhibit during this project.