"Caramel in Botanic Garden".

Late comment on the article of Boris Grois “Moscow romantic conceptualism”.

For a long time, for twenty years or maybe even more (the article was issued in 1979) I was thinking to comment somehow on the article of Boris Grois “Moscow romantic conceptualism”. I never understood how these words can go together. Moreover the author himself in the very beginning of his article calls this combination of words monstrous. I think that it is internal intrigue of contraposition of the three words ( but not two, as it usually seemed), of the three not compatible meanings, that keeps creating inner tension till nowdays. The words “romantics” and “conceptualism” are suddenly intensified here by precise geographic location – “Moscow” ( it would be nonsence should you say “New York romantic conceptualism”). The three words from the start created the problems of the whole article. And at this direction were focused some of my thoughts, essence of which is not in interpretation, but in creation of similar intrigue, where combination of images, not words, will produce some aspect of the fourth dimension. Just one thing remained to be understood – in which connection caramel and botanic garden are here?

Text by Vadim Zakharov