Ilya Truchevsli

For a long time art critics feared that Ilya Trushevsky would stay “an artist of one work”. Indeed, his “Map of the world” – video projection on the old Soviet map of military bases of NATO, during which a fly creeps onto the map, then one more fly, and one more... and in some minutes the entire map is covered with swarming video flies,- is the work that allowed the young author to introduce himself and that brought him popularity. It was exhibited many times and is still exhibiting at various exhibitions, including the present one. “Map of the world" turned out to be so universal for a great number of curator’s exhibitions and became so familiar on the art stage that for a long period nothing was heard about any of other works of Ilya Trushevsky. The present exhibition is probably the first one, where creative work of Ilya Trushevsky appears as volumetric and multy-dimensional and he himself – as an artist with worthy portfolio but not just an author of one and the only video-installation.

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